2016 Advent Calendar at Park Road

Thursday, December 1 –Light up a Life Hospice Memorial Service

Hospice has again invited Park Road to host this annual memorial service, which will be at 7:00p. So much joy and laughter are part of the holiday season, but it is also the hardest time of the year for many people who are left to live in the wake of death. No matter how old our grief, a service to bring peace and comfort in the midst of our burdens is help to many. Join us for reflection, healing, and a true celebration of life.

Saturday, December 3 – Decoration Day

Every year on the first Saturday of December, everyone is invited to help decorate the church campus to prepare us for Christmas. Those who want an early start will gather at the Golden Corral on South Boulevard at 7:00a. Following a hearty buffet breakfast, they will tromp through the woods to get the Chrismon Tree for the Sanctuary. Any others can gather at The Flying Biscuit in the Park Road Shopping Center to eat together at 8:00a. Everyone is invited to converge on the campus at 9:00a to begin decorating. The party is usually over by noon. Come join the fun for all of part of the time. It really is FUN!

Sunday, December 4 at 5:00 pm – Oils Seminar

Have you ever wondered why the Wise Men brought Frankincense and Myrrh to the birth of Jesus? JoDee Collins will lead an interactive seminar that will give us a glimpse into the mystery of the use of oils and incense during biblical times as well as how and why we have lost this mysterious tradition in our modern faith. We will walk from the time of Jesus all the way to the 1900s that have shaped our ideas and beliefs about healing body, mind and soul. This is a perfect way to use our senses in our Advent preparation.

Wednesday, December 7 – Christmas Banquet with Myers Park Jazz Band

Amy and a few sous chefs will prepare a meal and our children will sing Christmas Music. Our entertainment will be provided by the very talented Myers Park Jazz Band. Dinner will be served at 5:30p, and the program will begin at 6:30p. The cost is $6 for adults and $3 for children. Please call or email the church to make reservations!   

Thursday, December 8 – Senior Adult Drop-In

All Senior Adults are invited from 11:00a-1:00p to enjoy goodies and fellowship and to celebrate the season at the home of Beth Heaton on Rutledge Avenue. The younger women of the church sponsor this holiday event. 

Friday, December 9 – Youth Progressive Dinner

Several parents will host this special evening of fellowship and a lot of food! Meet at the church at 5:30 to start. At the end of the night, Youth will have a gift exchange. All gifts must be handmade or must support a non-profit organization.   

Saturday, December 10 – Men’s Shelter of Charlotte Lunch

Park Road Baptist members coordinate and serve a meal every other month on Saturdays at the Uptown Men’s Shelter.  Volunteers are needed to coordinate meals, purchase food, and serve.   A great opportunity for families to volunteer together.  The shelter is located at 1210 North Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC 28206.  Sign up to help here.

Saturday, December 10 – Room in the Inn

About 10 nights during the winter, we provide housing for the homeless on our campus. Volunteers are needed to set up, drive, cook, spend the night and do laundry. Since 1996, the Urban Ministry Center has partnered with colleges and congregations of many faiths to open their facilities to provide shelter and food for homeless people during the winter months. The simple goal is to keep homeless people from freezing on cold winter nights. A greater goal is to provide a more personal relationship to homeless people, at least for a night, and a deeper understanding of the depth and complexity of the issue.  Sign up to help here.

Thursday, December 15 – Very Special People, Christmas Party

Every lunch meeting of our VSPs is special, but the Christmas party is not to be missed! All senior adults are invited to join us for the food and festivities.




Friday, December 16 – Stop Hunger Now

SHN gets food and life-saving aid to the world’s most vulnerable people and works to end global hunger in our lifetime. On Friday, from 6 - 9p, Park Road will gather to pack meals. Our goal is 50,000 meals. Please come and join us for this worthy cause. It’s an event for all ages. It is not only vitally important, but it is also lots of fun!

Sunday, December 18; Special Christmas Music during Worship

The Children’s Choir will join with the Sanctuary Choir and brass ensemble to present “Savior of the Nations, Come.” This work is an Advent and Christmas hymn festival based on traditional carols of the season interspersed with short readings and congregational participation. 

Sunday, December 18 – Soup and Caroling

We will meet at the church at 5:00p and enjoy lots of homemade soups from some of Park Road’s best cooks. After filling up, we’ll pile into trucks and trailers filled with hay and make our way through the neighborhood behind the church and sing carols to our church members who live close by. 

Friday, December 23 – Room in the Inn

(See description above)

Saturday, December 24 – Christmas Eve Service

This annual service, at 5:00p, will be a warm, candle-light service filled with many of the sounds of the season. Music is always an important part of this worship service, and we will enjoy communion together as we culminate our Advent waiting on the coming of Christ.

Sunday, December 25 – Christmas Day Worship

Every seven years we get to wake up to Santa Claus – and then come to church! We hope you will! Come as you are, and join us for a 10:00am worship service in a more casual setting (no morning Connection Groups). Children are encouraged to bring one small toy for “show and tell” during  our Children’s Time. Merry Christmas!

Tuesday December 27, Wednesday December 28, and Tuesday December 3 -- Office Closed

Park Road Office Closed

Saturday, December 31 – Take Down Day

Join us at 9:00am to undecorated the church. The season is over… but the fun continues!

Advent Series 2016 

As If… Living Lives Determined by Expectation

In The As If Principle, Richard Wiseman suggests that to act as if something is real actually changes the way we act. Fake a grin for 30 seconds – and you’ll feel better! There is empirical research on this. People who are able to see things differently are able to shift their reality.

Some skeptics will say this is pie in the sky, JUST “hope,” not reality. The question for today is: do you want to live in hope or out of fear?

It’s your choice. 


Advent I, November 27. As If… We Really Did Hope

Interesting that this text is “hope” and not “peace” (beat swords to plowshares…), but we must hope that this day will come, and we must life “As If” it is reality. Hope means not just living in some “pie in the sky future” but living today, with tomorrow’s possibility – “keep awake, for you do not know…”


Advent II, December 4. As If… We Really Believed in Peace

Likewise, peace is not “pie in the sky” – a reality that never will be – it will come, when we seek to judge not on the surface, but with righteousness. When that comes, peace will make impossible things possible. Who will prepare the way of the Lord?


Advent III, December 11, As If… Joy is Not Fleeting          

The joy of justice is not fleeting happiness, but a deep, abiding everlasting joy. And it is not a matter of wild dreaming, we can “hear and see.” It’s reality among us.  


Advent IV, December 18, As If… Love Is The Greatest

The miracle of birth reminds us that love is the greatest power there is. God may not be “all powerful.” (Tupper’s “God always does everything God can do”) – God is love, and that love is the greatest power there is. With love all things are possible because “God is with us.”