(young, old, married, dating, same sex, heterosexual)


A Retreat

Four Foundations of a Lasting Relationship
October 12-14, Lutheridge Conference Center, Asheville, NC
Cost: $280/couple (lodging for two nights and three meals)


Friday (eat supper before you arrive)
8:00pm – Opening Session: Worship and Fellowship

8:00am – Breakfast at Lutheridge

9:00am – Session 1: “Rethinking Arranged Marriages” (Minding your Relationship)
In America we fall in love – and hope marriage will result in a commitment to relationship. In some countries they tell you whom you will marry (the commitment is assumed through cultural expectation) – and in the best cases, marriage leads to love. Maybe we could learn something from this model, which seems very strange us! Facilitators: TBD

10:15am – Break

10:45am – Session 2: “Fun Along the Way” (Strengthening your Relationship)
What’s your idea of a great date, a great family vacation? How well do you play together, seek adventure together? Let’s talk about ways we can strengthen our relationships by giving attention to physical and emotional health. Facilitators: Geoff and Virginia Palmer

12:00pm – Lunch at Lutheridge

Free Afternoon in Asheville

5:00pm – Session 3: “What Are You Doing on Saturday Night?” (The Heart of Relationship)
“Keep dating” may be the best advice married couples ever receive, but life has a way of moving on, of settling in to the mundane, the routine, the (Can we say it?)… boring! How can we keep the passion in our love? Facilitators: Harper and Katherine Fox

6;15pm – Date Night!
Please do a little Asheville-area homework before coming to the retreat, and plan a nice, romantic evening together – whatever works for you, a movie, a show, a hike, a five-star restaurant… 

8:00am – Breakfast

9:00am – Session 4: “Cupid and Christ” (A Soulful Relationship)
How intentional are you about your own, individual spirituality? Because spirituality is so intimate, it’s even more difficult – and more important – to be intentional about tending the soul, together. In this session we will talk about what it means to nurture spirituality, and about how we might be more thoughtful about doing that together. Facilitators: Gray and Elisa Clark

10:15am – Break (and pack/check out)

11:00am – Closing Worship

12:00noon – Depart (eat lunch after leaving Lutheridge)

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This retreat will not end on Sunday. Over the next few months we want to encourage ALL participants to commit to four more dates. Please bring your calendars to the retreat. We will try to choose the dates for the following events:

Date: TBD
Heart: We will meet as a group for lunch after church, and then we will go together for a session at Pottery Central, located on Monroe Road. (Pre-homework for this date is to watch that sizzling hot scene with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze from the movie “Ghost”!)

Date: TBD
Soul: We will meet as a group for lunch after church, and then we will divide into groups and visit several outdoor labyrinths to practice “praying with our feet.”

Date: TBD
Mind: We have not yet finalized this date, but we may choose to get together to watch a movie about relationships, and then return to the church for a discussion.
Date: TBD
Strength: We will spend an afternoon/evening at the Whitewater Center. The possibilities at this amazing facility are huge: rafting, climbing, hiking, zip-lining, amphitheater concerts, and the restaurant is wonderful.