Legacy Team

Leaving a Legacy is Easier than You Think

    The Legacy Team was created in 2011 upon shared understanding and beliefs:

    1. Our Church and its efforts are dependent upon the generosity of people.
    2. We are a generous Church, filled with generous people.
    3. We have received numerous gifts in the past through planned giving in numerous ways.
    4. Planned giving, or leaving a legacy, can be easily done.
    5. Planned giving is a good way to be found generous.
    6. Park Road Baptist Church continues to be a good steward of the gifts it receives.
    7. We believe that Park Road Baptist Church is deserving of your consideration in your planned giving.

    Our mission is threefold:

    1. To educate and inform people about planning and planned giving.
    2. To encourage people to continue to be generous in their giving; and
    3. To recommend that all consider the benefits of including Park Road Baptist Church in their planned giving.


    Did you know?

    •  That the vast majority of people (approximately 70%) have no will.
    •  That if you die without a will your property will pass to your heirs pursuant to the laws of intestate succession.
    •  That the largest gifts we have ever received have come through planned giving.
    •  That most of our planned gifts have been unrestricted.
    •  That some planned gifts have been dedicated to particular causes (called “Endowments”).
    • That we currently have five (5) Endowments (gifts, or legacies for particular causes):
    1. The Ashcraft Endowment is Park Road Baptist Church’s oldest endowment created to fund non-budgetary needs and projects.
    2. The Eggleston Endowment provides funds for capital improvements.
    3. The Helms Mission Endowment helps fund non-budgeted mission projects.
    4. The Music Endowment provides funds for music-related projects; and
    5. The Ruth’s Mission Endowment provides assistance to single-parent families.

    Read more about all these endowments here.

    • That we currently have two (2) Charitable Funds that we maintain:
    1. The Mack Cameron “Good Samaritan Fund” provides monetary assistance to church members in need; and
    2. The Benevolence Fund provides monetary assistance to neighbors in need.
    • That there are numerous ways to plan your giving.
    • That through planned giving, you can leave a legacy, and it is easy to do. For example, you may:
    1. Designate your beneficiaries and/or your cause in a will or a codicil (amendment to your will).
    2. Give or transfer assets such as stock or real estate, now, or now for later.
    3. Designate your cause or beneficiary on: 
      • life insurance
      • bank accounts
      • investment accounts
    4. Tailor your legacy and start your own Endowment like the Ashcraft, Eggleston, Helms, Music, and Ruth’s Mission.
    5. Add to one of the existing five Endowments or two Charitable Funds.
    6. Leave a legacy “in honor of” or “in memory of” someone else.
    7. Give with conditions (thanks to Carson Allen’s planned giving, the Milford Chapel was renovated).
    8. Give anonymously.
    9. Give any way you want.

    In summary, The Legacy Team encourages you to:

    • Continue to be generous.
    • Please plan and consider planned giving by leaving a legacy.
    • Know that Park Road Baptist Church is deserving of your consideration.

    Your generosity can help us continue what we have practiced in life.

    Please contact any member of the Legacy Team with any questions or for additional information. The current members are:

    Buck Blankenship

    Greg Blum

    Ann Marie Burke

    Barry Burke

    Bob Clare

    Gray Clark

    Rob Sellers