Below are comments from members of the Park Road Youth Group explaining why the Summer Mission Trip is important to them.  (Photos are from last year’s trip.)

Emily Neerimer
I’m really excited to go on the youth mission trip because it is a great experience to have quality time with people that I love.  I also find joy in knowing I am helping others, so, this trip will be a good place to exercise doing that.

Claire Brittain
I am excited for mission trip because I will get to stop my daily life for a week to help others.

Alex Brittain
The youth and I appreciate any contribution made towards our mission trip this summer.  It is such a blessing to be able to participate in trips like this one. They give us opportunities to meet new people, travel new places and benefit people in need.  It is truly a gift to be able to go on the youth mission trips. Thank You!

Maddy Counts
I enjoy going on mission trips, because it allows me to spend a week away from my busy life and focus more on others.  It’s also an amazing week filled of experiences and memories with the youth group.  I am so grateful for all the donations and money raised, because it makes it possible for more people to have the ability to join on such a fun and eye-opening trip.

Jack Palmer
I love mission trips because I love to give back to my community.  I love to help those who are less fortunate than me. I love the feeling that I made someone’s day better and making somebody happy.

 Claire Neeriemer
I’m excited to go on the youth mission trip to Raleigh because I like helping people.  I’m excited to be around the youth and get off my phone.

Hank Smyth

I enjoy youth mission trips because I feel a lovely feeling when I help out people who need it and do a task that is needed.  Mission trips matters because people who can’t do tasks have groups of people like us that come along and help them with their tasks.

Duncan Smyth

I enjoy youth mission trips because you get to meet new people. It also exposes you to new communities and the rest of the world.  I like to travel also, so it’s nice to go to Pittsburg and Atlanta.  You also can make friends from other youth groups. I am excited to go to Cuba and Raleigh over the summer. 

Reid Heaton

Youth mission trips sound amazing. I remember Ben my big brother telling me how much fun they are. I am so excited to have this experience for myself and make my own memories.  Thank you for helping.

Anna Gantt

I love mission trips so much because we get to help communities that are different from ours. When we do this we get to meet new people that teach us more about their lives.  The best part is we get to do it  with all our friends.

Elisabeth Clark

I would love to go on mission trip because I want to help people and learn about different people. I’m glad I have an opportunity like this one so I can experience fun trips like this one with the youth while I am in high school.

Youth mission trips are a life changing experience.  Not only do they give us the opportunity to help people and the wider community, they help us grow closer as a group and closer to God.  Youth trips have given me amazing memories to last me a lifetime and I am externally grateful for the opportunity they have given me.

Mission trip is important for us to go on not only so we can help communities that are worse off than us, but also, we can gain new perspectives of the world around us.  Furthermore, us youth can make important relationships with people that need them. 

Finally, we make memories with some of our favorite people.