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February 11,  2018
Meant to Shine: by Amy Jacks Dean

February 4, 2018
On Seeing and Believing and Believing and Seeingby Russ Dean

January 28,  2018
The Demand for an Immediate Response: by Amy Jacks Dean

January 21, 2018
Just the Facts, Ma'amby Russ Dean

January 14,  2018
I Don't Even Know What I Don't Know: by Amy Jacks Dean

January 7, 2018
The Bitter Road to Wisdom: by Russ Dean

Christmas Eve,  2017
Showing Up: by Amy Jacks Dean

December 24, 2017
Within the Great Processionby Russ Dean

December 10,  2017
It's A Soup and Cornbread Kind of Day: by Amy Jacks Dean

December 3, 2017
What Light?by Russ Dean

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