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You Need to see their Eyes

You Need to see their Eyes

Every Sunday, Hope Chapel provide coffee, warmth and shelter, a song and a preached word. The congregants don’t dress like we do at Park Road, and their eyes tell a completely different story.
I see despair and desperation in some of those eyes, abuse and neglect in others. Those eyes have seen things I’d rather not think about, and there is a haze of bone-weariness in many: weary of working and not making it, weary of not making it work. Weary of being looked down on, given up on, cast aside, left behind.

He is Risen!   So What?

He is Risen! So What?

 I can’t think of a better Easter message than to decide to accept all people as children of God.  Period.  God is the God of all.  That is the Easter message.  But are we ready to go from Easter service living like we believe it?