Adult Connection Groups

At Park Road, we take seriously the teachings of Jesus

At Park Road, we are very hands-on mission focused - trying to minister to the “least of these.” We also take seriously Jesus’s command to “love one another.” We have found that one of the best ways and places to do this is in small groups. While Park Road is a small enough church that someone can know everyone else (at least a little), to really know someone, to really be able to love someone, to really connect with someone, we have found we need more -- and more focused -- interactions.

One of the key purposes of our small groups for adults is to provide a place where people can connect with each other as we together seek to follow Jesus. That is why we call them Connection Groups.


Some of the Connection Groups are primarily study groups; some are primarily mission action groups; some are primarily support groups.

But all have as part of their reason for being to connect people with people. In fact, we ask all our Adult Connection Groups to incorporate all three of these design points:

  1. Spiritual development. This may be by direct study, as most of our Sunday morning groups do. Or it may be more implicit. But in various ways, we do believe our Connection Groups are helping folks develop and grow spiritually.
  2. Mission/ministry. We expect our Connection Groups to provide means for its members to serve others. Sometimes this will be support for church-wide mission activities; other times, it is group-specific. But there will always be opportunities to express faith in tangible ways.
  3. Community building. We expect our Connection Groups to keep in contact with the members of the group, to socialize outside of the normal meetings, and to share, really share, each other’s lives. There needs to be real concern for each other.  Another word for this type of community is family.