Park Road Baptist Church was founded in Charlotte, NC in 1950 to minister to the growing neighborhood on Park Road. Since the 1960's, Park Road Baptist has challenged its members to be at the forefront of social issues in our community.  We have been a historic leader among Charlotte churches in promoting social justice and the equality of all persons. 

Our congregation actively supported the Civil Rights Movement, opened the first interracial church Child Development Center in the city, was one of the first Baptist congregations in North Carolina to recognize the ordination of women, has championed the cause of recognizing same sex marriage, and we work everyday with those suffering the effects of the growing economic inequalities in our country. 

Today, Park Road is a vital congregation of almost 500 members, averaging about 160 in worship each Sunday morning. Our campus is used every day not only for our own activities, but also by our various campus partners.

Community is important to our congregation. Our commitment to one another is based on the trust, mutual respect, and honesty that are essential to our vision of Church. Within a community based on such commitments, there is room for great diversity. Any person, regardless of race, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, or theological belief, who seeks to live in Christian community will find welcome here.


We invite you to be part of our history as we continue our  journey towards truth, justice, love and compassion for all peoples.

One of the hallmarks of this congregation is its commitment to open theological discourse, with members of the larger Christian community as well as with those representing other faith traditions. We are open to seeking truth wherever it might take us, even if this means beyond the scope of traditionally formulated doctrines. 

Members of this congregation represent a broad theological spectrum, ranging from the very liberal to the traditionally conservative.



Learn more about Park Road as written by Jen Tota McGivney in Charlotte Magazine July 2015.  

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