The dove is a symbol of a spiritual messenger – a dove returned to Noah as a sign from God, and the Spirit descended on Jesus in the form of a dove. At Park Road we continually seek to share, within and beyond our congregation, the good news of God’s presence, always among us. 

And the Holy Spirit descended… like a dove. And a voice came from heaven: "You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased." (Luke 3:22)


Communications Ministry Area
(Sarah Grace Woolley, Ministry Area Coordinator)

We will create a culture that promotes and strengthens this church’s identity as a “family of faith.”.

  • Electronic Media Team –
    • Strategic: consider all available electronic and social media and devise strategies for using these outlets
    • Tactical: keep thePRBC web site current, ensure appropriate postings on the church’s social media outlets
  • Marketing Team –
    • Strategic: devise long range plans for keeping the Charlotte area and beyond aware of PRBC’s presence, events and stances; develop ideas for attracting folks to attend PRBC
    • Tactical: advertise church events and programs using effective means; ensure a consistent, positive image or PRBC is presented across all available platforms
  • Photography Team –
    • Strategic: identify effective outlets for images
    • Tactical: have a photographer at church events, programs and gatherings; make high-quality digital photos available for both print and electronic media
  • Outreach Team
    • Strategic: develop plans for effectively welcoming guests, including capturing information and following up; develop ideas for attracting folks to attend PRBC
    • Tactical: appropriately follow-up with all guests, ensuring them their presence was noted and appreciated, offering additional information as desired
  • Assimilation Team –
    • Strategic: develop plans for assimilating persons into the PRBC community/family, including information, mentoring and small groups
    • Tactical: follow-up with each new member and also each “long-term” visitor tofind ways specific to each person to assimilate and integrate each person into the PRBC family