Sunday Morning ADULT Connection Groups

These groups all meet on Sunday mornings from 9:45-10:45, before the worship service.  (NOTE: Summer Schedule from June 18th to August 20th will be Worship at 10am, followed by a church-wide "Sermon Talk Back" session at 11am.) 

This means these are the only mutually exclusive Connection Groups – you can be a member of multiple Connection Groups otherwise. These groups meet at the same time the youth and children are in their Sunday School classes so there is built in childcare. Each of these groups has a slightly different focus and a little different demographic. But the demographics listed below are descriptive only.

Each group welcomes anyone and everyone. 

Abundant Grace

Focus: This co-ed fellowship group attempts to find ways to help each other follow Jesus by studying together, praying together, fellowshipping together, and serving each other and others.
Age: mid-50’s and up
Curriculum: Various Biblical or faith-based resources
Teacher: Ann & George Miles 
Location: Community Center Room 505


Focus: As the word “Babylon” implies, this co-ed group speaks with many divergent perspectives and opinions on both religious and topical issues. Leadership is shared.
Age: 50’s and 60’s, co-ed
Curriculum: “The Wired Word” is an electronically-delivered weekly study built around current news/issues.  The format provides discussion questions as well as Scriptural references to encourage dialogue.
Co-Facilitators: Debbie Brown, Dona Leonard, and Merrilee Fellows    
Location: Community Center Room 503

Futures - Men

Focus: Poetry and biblical stories for today on a road less travelled
Demographics: Men 40s to 60s
Teacher and learner: Dick Hester, retired professor of pastoral theology
Curriculum: Teacher’s weekly outline by email
Location: Milford Chapel

Sacred Spaces

Focus: This women’s group shares joys and sorrows with one another and responds readily to special needs of members, serving as a support group for each other. 
Demographics: A group for women across the seasons of life. From mother of a toddler to grandmother, singles parents and empty nesters, caring for aging parents and as well as doing the work for self-care that we all need.
Curriculum: Various - discussion/reflection around the Biblical text being preached that Sunday or occasionally, short book studies
Teacher: Amy Jacks Dean
Location: Youth Building Room 101

Genesis Class

Focus: This group is a diverse, co-ed group focused on building community around a shared goal of following the way of Jesus.
Age: Mid 20s to Early 50s
Curriculum: Reading Between The Lines. This is a study based on the lectionary calendar that encourages group discussion to dive deeper into the text and explore questions about how it may be relevant to our life today.
Facilitator: Will Neeriemer
Location: Milford Chapel Conference Room

Lydia Fidelis Dorcas

Focus: This class is in transition but welcomes ANY individual looking for a great place to makes friends and grow in God's Word. The first weeks will be spent using "The Wired Word" as a study guide.
Demographics: Women
Curriculum: The Wired Word
Facilitators:  Beverly Doyle
Location: Community Center Room 501