Earlier this month in Sunday School, the Park Road Youth thought of 25 Acts of Kindness to remind them to share simple hope with others during Advent season! 

How many can you say you've done - at anytime through the year?  Perhaps, this list would be a good kick-starter for some meaningful New Year's Resolutions ...

1. Save/Give box tops for school. Save pop can tabs for Ronald McDonald House.
2. Offer to help with chores around the house.
3. Write a thank you card to their favorite teacher.
4. Help a teacher clean up after class. 
5. Be present and lend emotional support to someone who is struggling.
6. Feed stray animals. Feed the birds.
7. Pick up liter.
8. Tape change to a vending machine.
9. Tell a family member that you love them.
10. 'Pay it forward' (pay for a strangers coffee or meal)
11. Send a written letter to a friend or family member. 
12. Bake cookies and give to a public service organization (fire station, police station, etc)
13. Tutor a classmate.
14. Give a compliment.
15. Lend a physical hand carrying groceries or helping with a neighbors yardwork.
16. Visit an elderly person.
17. Speak with someone you normally would not.
18. Be an uplifting presence to a stranger. 
19. Spend time with someone.
20. Donate clothes, food, etc.
21. Give a hug. 
22. Volunteer at a non profit organization.
23. Take a photo with a family member, frame it, and give it to them as a gift.
24. Give a treat to the mail carrier.
25. Make a new friend.