From Amy Jacks Dean, Co-Pastor Park Road Baptist Church:

This Sunday, as we do every Sunday, I will share with the Park Road congregation our Assurance of Pardon:

"You are loved. You are forgiven. BE AT PEACE."

But how in the world can we be at Peace after watching the videos of the shooting of black members of our human family, followed by anger boiling into a rage that lets loose a random retaliation killing of innocent police officers?

God, forgive us. And God help us.

As a preparation for worship this Sunday, perhaps we can all start ahead of time praying our Prayer of Confession for Sunday:

"We live in the shadow of peace, O God, but too often we face the shadow and not the light. We pray for peace today because we know we are not a whole people without it. Forgive us our warring madness, our abuse of power, and our disregard of the rights of others. Lift from us the burden of the need always to be in control. Teach us the ways of mutual love for all people. Help us to give peace a chance. Amen."

— Paul B. Robinson