You may have noticed lots of visitors among us. It is indeed a great gift. In addition to visiting, often regularly, these folks are taking on leadership roles.

One of our latest visitors has become an after-worship greeter. You will find her in Russ's arms. She's almost always holding Peppa Pig. Her name is Tahira, and she is a bit shy. She is the big sister of Taryn who was recently dedicated in our church. They both have a teenage sister named Zoe. And these girls are a part of the Greene family.

I hope our members are getting to know our visitors. I hope our visitors are mingling among those who have been around for a long, long time. Our church family is expanding. and that is always exciting. When Chris and Tamara Greene asked us about a parent/ child dedication for Taryn, we were thrilled to introduce her to the congregation. And we were excited for the congregation to have a chance to add our promises to the promises of these parents to raise their child in the Love of God and the Way of Jesus. So a couple of weeks ago, we celebrated with the Greene Family in this holy occasion.

Last week we got the following email:

“We are all going through this journey we call life. As we travel as pilgrims with limited vision, we impact everything around us. Everything we touch, everyone we meet, anything we make and pass on changes us and our environment. Every word that flows off our tongues, floats in the weightless air into the ear, mind and soul of another, has impact.

For this reason, I’ll try to express the collective feelings of my family and myself because of the good stewardship of the Park Road Baptist family. As we hit another checkpoint on our journey, I just want to give thanks and show gratitude to everyone who shared this joyous occasion with us. Taryn already adds joy to our lives, but the warmth and thoughtfulness of you, Pastors Russ and Amy Dean, and every member in the congregation, made Taryn’s dedication memorable and meaningful.

We cannot fully express how much we appreciate the kind words, uplifting presence and the many smiles we received. On behalf of my family, I just want you to know that this day meant a lot to us and because of this church, we will treasure these moments in our hearts forever. Special thanks to Mr. Miles for taking pictures. He was a God-send.”

Yours respectfully, Chris Greene

Let us commit ourselves to get to know each other more and more - to share our lives together in this place we call Church. Thanks be to God for Taryn and all of the Greene Family for helping to bring us together.